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Pet friendly private cottage with pool

Welcome to My Way, our cottage-inspired guesthouse located between the popular Al Hamra Village and Jazirat Al Hamra, just minutes from the beach. 

My Way is a peaceful and cozy home-away-from-home experience for those who prefer independent living while enjoying complete privacy. 

This cozy escape offers you

- 1 bedroom with queen size bed

- a lounge with 2 very comfortable sleeper sofas

- a private pool

- garden

- a fully equipped BBQ area

- fire pit for the cooler evenings under the stars

- free private parking

- a fully equipped kitchen

- bathroom essentials

- TV

- free WiFi in all areas.

The Story of MY WAY

You would not believe, what this little cottage has looked like in June 2022 when we took on a for us huge project. It was a forgotten, left alone, unappreciated little piece of coal that we felt could be turned into a little diamond. We saw the place and it's potential and fell in love with it. 

Not knowing how much work, time, blood and sweat it will cost us to build what we had in mind. We stumbled across many challenges, overcame obstacles and saw this place turning into this little gem that it is today. 

A lot of items from the bedside tables, the kitchen counter, the sunshade in the garden, the sofa at the fire place, the fire place itself, the bathroom wooden sliding door, lights in the lounge and over the kitchen counter and so many other things were build by us rather than simply bought. Mike as a photographer and Christiane as a chef have spend a lot of their lives traveling either for the perfect picture or for the perfect food. (by the way all pictures inside the cottage are taken from Mike somewhere in this world) ;-) Just to end up here in Ras al Khaimah finding love in what we do, putting our creativity and experience into passion projects like MY WAY to share with you our love for the simple and good things in life.